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In addition to the carbon ring the successful application on diesel generator set
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Focus on diesel generatorelectric generator set technical dynamic friends may find that in the diesel engine piston head mounted in addition to carbon ring can reduce the oil consumption, is this why? And in addition to the carbon ring is how the application in diesel generator set? China all specially asked the experts, summarizes the following content to share with you. Diesel generator set after adding carbon removal in the ring, cylinder liner formed a typical step, reflects a series of advantages of step cylinder liner, to reduce the oil pollution, reduce the frequency filter back flush, prolongs the service life of the automatic filter, prolonged use of oil has played an important role, for the auxiliary system of maintenance and prolong the service life is good. Specific principle is: at the moment of burning explosion stroke, due to the piston carbon deposit was shave their head, gas channeling down round blade curve, in addition to the carbon ring when pressure drops rapidly, piston ring under low pressure, sealing strengthen gas into the cylinder liner and crankcase oil pollution, to extend the use time oil, reducing the loss of a large amount of oil change. Piston ring and ring groove at the same time have a good break, relieve the reciprocating motion of piston pump oil phenomenon, even if the pumping oil in carbon ring edge place, was turned down, part of the up part of the hydraulic speed has been reduced, the oil into the combustion chamber of the greatly reduced, burn less oil, so, a lot of oil is saved, which is installed in addition to the cause of the carbon ring to reduce oil consumption.

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