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A common fault reason analysis of diesel engine piston ring
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:ring

common faults of diesel engine ats generatorpiston ring: run gas, counterpart, contusion, broken, killed, oil, etc. The cause of the problem:

1, piston ring, the ring opening stagger position is not correct, and even to mouth, and his mouth clearance is too large, a ring strain, broken or killed, cause gas to get lost, bad effect caused by running out of breath.

2, diesel engine works cubits, and the piston ring in addition to building expansion, and the trend of crawling along the circumference, it not only accelerate make ring and ring groove surface wear, will cause the piston ring counterpart. Piston ring is the cause of rotational cylinder liner, piston, roundness, the taper fit clearance is too large, the connecting rod bending, cylinder wall honing, irregular road, etc.

3, the piston ring gap, gap is too small, ring and cylinder wall friction is too large, the carbon deposit in cylinder serious and assembly when dirty or oil is not clean and cause injury.

4, piston ring gap is too small, old change new ring after the first gas cylinder hit cylinder liner shoulder or assembled ring piston ring extension too easy to break.

5, the side gap is too small, don't use a special tool of dismantling, the spiral ring, produce elastic effect or carbon deposit in cylinder is serious, will cause the piston ring and killed.

6, the piston ring clearance, side clearance is too large, distortion, conical, way up and down and lubricating oil dirty oil passage hole blockage are easy to lead to oil.

7, the piston ring gap is too small, opening the impact; Clearance is too large, ring and ring shore impact; Old cylinder a new ring, the first gas ring and cylinder liner shoulder hit, these conditions will lead to noise.

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