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The safe use of diesel generator set
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:temperature

Summer temperatures generator suppliereven a record high this year, around the power consumption constantly refreshed, many users start using the emergency diesel generating set. In such hot weather, the safety of the diesel generator set use should pay attention to what?

First of all, the generating set is the normal use of environmental temperature should not exceed 50 degrees, but more than the temperature, equipped with automatic protection function of diesel generator set will automatically alarm and shutdown. But there is no protection of the diesel generator will fail, may be an accident. So, small make up remind users here, high temperature weather, use diesel generating set must pay attention to safety. Especially the generator room must keep ventilated, had better open the Windows and doors, ensure that the temperature in the room is not more than 50 degrees.

Second, because of the high temperature, the operator of the diesel generator set less wear of all, at this point, the generator room operation of the diesel generating set must pay attention to safety, in case of diesel generating sets the water in the tank because of the high temperature and water boiled, so splash and hurt everywhere.

Finally, under the high temperature weather, as far as possible let the temperature of the diesel generator room not too high, conditional should refrigeration, such, can guarantee the generator set is not damaged, also can avoid the happening of the accident.

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