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for the maintenance of fuel injector
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injector is an importantgenerator supplier part of diesel engine, its repair generally on the check. After removed from the diesel engine fuel injector, should check the stage to fix it, then the injection pressure, the atomization quality of the fuel injector, fuel injection Angle and needle valve sealing for inspection. If found during the experiments of the injector injection pressure too low or too high, should remove the fuel valve cap, loosen the lock nut voltage regulator, and then use a flat mouth screwdriver to adjust pressure regulating screw. If the fault cannot be ruled out, after adjusting fuel injector should be fixed on the vise at this moment, and then with the universal tool of diesel injector nozzle cap nut to be removed. The immediate cap is difficult to remove the rust, injector in diesel or gasoline should be soaked 10 min, and then to remove. Never use a lot of force to remove the cap nut, otherwise it will make the top of the injector body positioning pin broken.

diesel injector nozzle is removed, to put it in the back and forth in the diesel twitch of the needle valve cleaning stuff. When the needle valve stuck in the body, can use soft cloth wrapped up at the end of the needle valve, then use pliers to pull the needle valve. Needle valve body internal oil hole available wire dredge. In the needle valve and needle valve body appearance inspection, with the matching parts surface should be uniform color, no damage, no corrosion.

in the former diesel injector nozzle assembly, should be dual sliding resistance experiment was carried out. Method is: will in clean diesel fuel of diesel injector nozzle after cleaning, remove the nozzle and tilt 45 degrees, and then pull out about one-third the length of the needle valve, observe its by falling weight after the hand. If the needle valve can uniform decline, with good; If fell sharply or has the phenomenon such as block, what a internal fit clearance is too large or cooperate with bad, should replace new pieces of diesel injector nozzle.

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