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Diesel engine fuel system common fault analysis and elimination method
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Diesel engine 100kva generatorfuel system except for three big precision coupling of early wear and tear, cause the loss of power, fuel consumption and exhaust smoke outside, the most prone to failure has two kinds: one kind is due to the fuel injection pump installation failure caused by improper installation, another kind is in the use of the fault.

1 for fuel pump failure caused by wrong installation

(1) woodruff key installation does not reach the designated position

For using flange connection of fuel injection pump (internal combustion engine factory production in yunnan 4100 series and 490 series diesel engine made in chengdu, etc.), when the timing gear oil and fuel delivery advance Angle between the regulator and the fuel injection pump camshaft woodruff key installation position is not correct, there will be a fuel supply timing, engine starting difficulty, smoke and water temperature higher fault phenomenon. Such as through the flange plate of the arc holes can't adjust, need to remove the fuel injection pump. Woodruff key was observed to be removed after has obvious indentation.

(2) passive stick pack 180 ° for the cross coupling of the fuel injection pump (6105 and 6102 sichuan nanchong guangxi yuchai diesel engine, etc.), may be passive when installation will stick out the half circle (180 °), appears not to start, the exhaust pipe smokeless discharge phenomenon. Even under the strong start the fire engine, there will be a sound and disorderly, severe exhaust smoke and unable to work. Should be apart at this time the connecting screw, turn the fuel injection pump CAM rejoin half circle, and then through curved hole fine-tuning the fuel supply timing.

(3) into the wrong, oil return screw position

When the connecting tubing, such as the oil return screw installed on the fuel pump inlet pipe joint fault, due to the effect of the check valve inside oil return screw, make fuel cannot or only a small amount into the fuel injection pump inlet chamber, make diesel engine can't start or start after can't come on raising speed. At this time with the hand pump pump oil resistance is very big, can't even pressure oil pump. At this time as long as the position switch can be installed into, oil return screw troubleshooting.

2 use often appears the fault

(1) low pressure hydraulic oil supply

Diesel engine from the fuel tank to the fuel pump inlet cavity in between, back to belong to the low pressure oil pipe line, when the pipe joint, washer and tubing oil due to damage, will make the air into the oil produces gas resistance, leading to poor drainage, difficulty in starting and accelerating engine slow fault phenomena, such as serious shut down automatically. When the tubing because of aging, deformation and impurities clogging reduce oil area, or the oil filter and oil dirty jams diesel filter, will cause the engine oil shortages in power decrease and starting difficulty. Checking and removing the fault can be finished in the car. Oil pump with the hand pump to a certain pressure, screw loose open gas, such as bubble overflow and exhaust, always shows oil into the air; If no bubbles but diesel overflow from the vent screw, then oil be blocked. Normal phenomenon is slightly loose open air screw and immediately there came out oil column with certain pressure injection. Troubleshooting method is to find out the damaged or aging of washer, joint or tubing to replace; To prevent such failure is often clean the oil filter and diesel filter, frequently check line, found that have a problem to solve in time.

(2) the oil transfer pump piston spring break

The engine stalling in the running, can't start. Unscrew the vent screw examination showed little or no fuel in the fuel injection pump low-pressure oil chamber, with the hand pump to the low pressure oil pump oil cavity filled with oil free air to restart, the engine back to normal, but after driving some distance to automatically shut down again. This failure phenomenon is likely to be oil transfer pump piston spring break. The fault can be ruled out, unscrewed the screw, the replacement of spring.

(3) oil transfer pump check valve seal is lax

Working properly after engine starting, but start the difficulties in parking stall after a certain time and unscrew the bubble overflow vent screw, should be row of clean air in order to start anew. This kind of fault for more oil transfer pump check valve seal is lax. Check method is unscrewed the screw oil transfer pump out the oil, pump to pump the fuel oil cavity filled with oil joint, such as oil level within the joint decrease rapidly, then check valve seal is not good. Check seal and remove the check valve, check valve spring is broken or deformation, whether the seal seat surface with particle impurities, take ground sealing surface according to the concrete cases, replace the check valve or check valve spring will be troubleshooting. Is normal oil level in more than 3 min time does not fall, oil pumps to pump oil column from the joint strong.

(4) high pressure oil pipe plug

When a cylinder of high pressure oil pipe due to deformation or impurities clogging, after starting the engine in the tubing parts have obvious tapping, and can't work normally because of the cylinder of engine power decline. Check method is to loosen the oil inlet end of the high pressure oil pipe line by cylinder nut, when tapping disappear after unscrewing a cylinder, can be concluded that the cylinder as the fault cylinder, after the replacement of tubing failure can be ruled out.

(5) the fuel injector matching parts

When the injector needle valve is stuck in the closed position near the cylinder head in regular beat. When it is due to the fuel injection pump fuel supply pressure shock wave caused by fuel injector. Judgment method is loosen injector side high pressure tubing, such as tapping immediately disappear, can be concluded that the injector needle valve cylinder jammed.

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