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The failure reasons of diesel engine
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:maintenance

The root cause of generator pricethe damage is a major cause of quality problems, mainly the use of the machine, repair and maintenance is not timely, not correct. Here are some measures to prolong the service life of the measures to provide the reference.

1, strict maintenance specification, fuel filter, 100 hours of work, tanks, 500 hours of work time and washing time, if it is found that timely replacement of filter break loss effect may not be deleted and once-through oil use. Even under normal working conditions, work 500 hours should be deleted. Make sure that the location, on the one hand, cleaning tools and cleaning oil, to avoid contamination. Speculating in the disassembly operation shall not be luanqiao, clean not crowded dislocation should not trade with other double block basin in order to avoid bumps, bruises. At assembly and should not be arbitrarily change the assembly location, achieve the goal of some machines work requirements. Assumes that oil seat and nozzle cover should be tightly according to the provisions of the tightening torque, assure the injector and fuel pump after assembly technology in good condition.

2, in addition to the above requirements, should also improve the dual part of understanding, understand and even structure characteristics and working principle, strengthen and improve the dual part of maintenance, operation, there is nothing wrong with not random adjustment, maintenance and remove the use, maintenance, inspection, not speculating luanqiao, cleaning and maintenance time chaos friction repair and assembly adjustment not disorderly random changes, according to the requirements of technical specification to prolong service life.

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