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How to make more fuel-efficient diesel generator set
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:generator

Because of diesel generating setgenerator is a high fuel consumption of the equipment, and now the diesel prices are higher, in order to reduce costs, many diesel generating sets of units are trying to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generating set. So, how to make more fuel-efficient diesel generator set?

1. Try to make the diesel generator set of fuel burning full, also is the use of the diesel generator set power generating set power output of 80%;

2. Control the fuel injection pump, to ensure that the fuel injection pump fuel supply quantity not too big;

3. The control speed of the engine oil, prevent oil, otherwise the whole led to the generator speed.

In addition, for diesel generator set to attach great importance to smoking phenomenon, if the generator set in both smoke or smoke, the diesel generator set work abnormal, must check processing in a timely manner.

Only by making diesel generator set in the best working state, to achieve the purpose of generating set of fuel-efficient energy saving, so as to reduce the cost, and reduce environmental pollution.

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