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The introduction of internal combustion engine hydraulic drive system
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:transmission

The internal combustion engine generator pricehydraulic transmission system includes three parts: hydraulic transmission box,axle gear box. Sometimes shunting locomotive gear box operation, these parts are equipped with a considerable number of rolling bearing.

1 bearing hydraulic transmission box

Hydraulic transmission box in train traction, through hydraulic variable torque converter switching power of diesel engine as power drive locomotive; The implementation of dynamic braking, the use of locomotive wheel to absorb hydraulic brake function. Hydraulic transmission box arranged diversified shaft, and each axis bearing is supported by rolling bearings.

2 intermediate gear box

Intermediate gear box of the main components, each with two input shaft and output shaft of the gear, shaft gear is gear, shaft, and gear clutch mechanism, gear and shaft connection, transmission power; In this case is just one gear blank. Gear and clutch shift is usually arranged in the input shaft, because the input torque is small, it is advantageous to the size and the size of the bearing clutch.

Axle gear box hydraulic transmission box or an intermediate gear box output shaft torque, speed and longitudinal rotation to rotate. First, the reduction gear box of grade a pair of spiral bevel gear, and two levels of a pair of cylindrical gears reduction gear box. After a gear reduction stage, there are two types of layout method, "the first column back cone" and "first cone column".

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