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for the use ofgenerator the old fuel injection pump, can find out by binding the plunger matching parts and removed, clean with clean diesel. If the plunger matching parts by mechanical impurities strain, clean the oil washing grinding available. If plunger tip is knock against produce burr is difficult to observe (naked eye), is when the piston top indentation plunger sleeve will send acerbity within the hairpin, at this time must not to move or twitch repeatedly plunger, so as to avoid burr cut plunger sleeve. The correct processing method is: pull piston top edges parts to flush with the plunger set oil hole center place, slowly turn the plunger, then there will be a block. When transferred to a location block feeling disappear, namely that piston top edges just knock against parts in the plunger set oil hole. Remember the accurate position, will launch plunger sleeve, piston top edges and corners with fine grinding knock against. Grinding, the fine sand bar axis plane and the plunger is 45 degrees, gently push and pull a few times, to eliminate the edges and burrs. But not too much grinding, lest affect the consistency of each cylinder oil supply starting Angle and uniformity of fuel delivery.

new fuel injection pump for binding, can adopt the following methods:

1, to infuse the right amount of gasoline or diesel fuel injection pump and governor, repeatedly turn the camshaft, the fuel injection pump lifter and governor fly ball parts freely, prevent rust hairpin, led to the diesel engine speed.

2, for the upper and lower physical decomposition of fuel injection pump (such as 485, 695, 4125, 695 models used by Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ fuel injection pump), the pump body is flat, open the side cover, pump head fastening nut, remove the pump head, pliers clamp piston roots and slowly take out fault cylinder plunger and spring (note shall not plunger) bruised, clean with clean petrol or diesel repeatedly, wash after refitted (note the plunger adjustment arm must load adjustment fork), and tighten pump head nut alternately, turn the camshaft, flipping the oil pump control handle review.

3, for integral type fuel injection pump (such as 6110, 6135, 6160 models used by the A and B type pump), can open the side cover, turn the camshaft, insert A screwdriver was stuck in the plunger spring supporting move gently, forcing the piston downward after reset, the bare outside the plunger sleeve plunger root injection clean gasoline or diesel, and turn the camshaft. Stay plunger reciprocating motion freely before and after the second rack moving sensitive, put the net clean oil, to bring a governor shell cleaning lubricating oil.

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