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Keep the generator dry the cause and the methods
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:excitation

Damp ac synchronous generatorsilent diesel generator must be dry, otherwise use will be burning insulation damage, at the same time, we must improve the generator storage environment and ventilation, equipped with good ventilation. In the cold winter, the warehouse must alternate heating equipment, in order to ensure that the temperature of the warehouse is not less than 5, and nearby water droplets within the generator. For semiconductor excitation generator, and the insulation resistance measuring excitation circuit excitation device should be disconnected, or will each silicon rectifier with wire short, in order to prevent the collapse of measurement

Drying process is as follows: three-phase generator stator winding head directly to short circuit, reliable connection. Group modulation voltage regulating transformer excitation circuit is one of the biggest resistance position, if the resistance is not large enough should be another with a resistance, increase the resistance, then start generators, accelerated to the rated speed, slowly and slowly adjusting excitation current. According to the size of the generator water condition to determine the excitation current, the stator winding short-circuit current shall not exceed the rated current.

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