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The structure and maintenance of oil cooler
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Diesel engine in the process of transfer, the oil flows through the moving parts of the friction surface to absorb heat. With the reciprocating cycle of the engine oil, engine oil temperature will gradually rise, if the oil temperature exceeds 90 ℃, the oil viscosity loss will seriously and lubrication effect, oil will happen the oxidation at the same time, so the diesel engine lubricating oil way must be assembled in the oil cooling device.

A, the function of oil cooler

The function of the oil cooler is to forced cooling of the oil, prevent oil temperature is too high and make the engine oil consumption increased, but also prevent the oil oxidation, etc.

Second, the structure of the oil cooler

Oil cooler is divided into water-cooled and air-cooled type two kinds.

1, water cooled oil cooler

Water cooled oil cooler is mainly composed of core and shell. Core is composed of brass tube, heat sink and spacers, oil flow between core and shell of sandwich. Cooling water flow inside the core, take away some of the heat engine oil. Through the reciprocating cycle of the cooling water flow, make the oil temperature control in the range of 80 ℃.

2, air cooled oil cooler

Air cooled oil cooler is mainly composed of copper pipe and heat sink. Air-cooled diesel engine oil cooler is installed behind the water cooler, oil cooling by fan drum wind to take away heat.

Three, failure and the reason of the water cooled oil cooler

Water cooled oil cooler fault has liable to occur in the use of copper tube rupture, front/back cover cracks, damage to the seal, and the brass internal congestion, etc.

Copper pipe bursting and front and back cover more crack fault is due to operator in winter without draining diesel engine cooling water caused by the body's internal. When damage to the parts in the diesel engine working process would be caused by the water cooler in the oil, and cooling water in the inside of the oil sump oil. Diesel engine is in operation, if the oil pressure is greater than the pressure of cooling water, the oil will pass through a loophole in the core into the cooling water, along with the cooling water circulation, the oil into the water cooler. When diesel engine stop running, water is higher, its pressure is greater than the oil pressure, cooling water through the holes on the core into deadly oil, then into the oil pan. If the operator is not found the fault in time, as the diesel engine work, can make the engine oil lubrication effect is lost, such as tile burning accident resulting in diesel engine.

Inside the cooler after individual tubes is scale and impurities clogging, affects the cooling effect of the oil and the oil circulation, so, should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Fourth, the maintenance of water cooled oil cooler

Diesel engine in the process of operation, if discover the internal cooling water into the oil pan, oil water cooler internal and at the same time, the fault is usually due to water cooled oil cooler internal core damage. Specific maintenance method is as follows:

After 1 off the inside of the cooler waste engine oil, remove the oil cooler. To remove the cooler after the flat, and then through the oil cooler outlet to the cooler internal filled with water. Test when blocking water inlet, on the other side with high-pressure pump to the cooler inside.

If you find oil in the oil cooler inlet and outlet water, description of the cooler internal core or side cover sealing ring damage.

2 remove the oil cooler of front and back cover, take out the core. If discover the core of the outer damaged, available copper welding repair. If discover the core of the inner damage, general and should be replaced at both ends of the new people who share the core core or jam. Side cover crack or burst, available before using cast iron welding rod for welding. If the sealing gasket damaged or aging, should be replaced. Air-cooled engine oil radiator brass appeared desoldering phenomenon, brazing is commonly used in repair.

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