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Generator engine idle speed on the solution of the problem
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1. Cold start generator spare partswhen no idle, generally belong to normal phenomenon. This is because the temperature is too low, the oil viscosity is too large, the engine internal resistance increases, the diesel spray, evaporation conditions become worse, cause the engine can't maintain minimum steady speed operation, when the gas lift, quickly shut down. In this case, the accelerator can be tuned to a slightly higher than under idle running, momentum motivation after heating up, restore the idle again.

2. If the engine is used for a long time, no idle speed condition, and with steam, fuel consumption is not normal, usually because of plunger wear ranks, spill increases when idle, make oil cannot meet the requirements of idle speed condition; Or the cylinder pressure is too low, fuel injection advance Angle is too big, too small, make the engine due to poor combustion conditions. As long as according to the power shortage of fault handling, idle condition can restore nature.

3. If the situation is normal, should consider to governor of idle work components have without exception. Have check the governor spring break, or wear spring is too soft or too much speed component, make fly hammer in idle speed centrifugal force is much greater than in the operation of spring tension and reduce oil, or improper maintenance personnel adjustment. Remove the fuel injection pump assembly on the test bench must restore for repair.

The inspection of governor, you should pass the idle screw adjustment, if the adjustment is invalid, then idle tension spring preload adjustment. Can adjust the idle spring nut to slightly tweaked or add the gasket in the spring seat make pre-tightening force increases, increases idle speed. If the spring break, should be replaced after adjustment, restore the idle work performance.

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