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Diesel engine oil should be check to use more and more
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:diesel

If there is a diesel engine 50kw slient generatoroil with more more and tastes of diesel engine oil, the should check:

1, the fuel injection pump plunger and delivery valve, if the plunger and delivery valve wear serious, will cause the diesel oil leakage and into the fuel injection pump camshaft room, and then into the oil pan, the phenomenon is to use more and more oil.

2, low pressure diesel pump shaft seal is damaged, will also lead to diesel oil into the oil pan.

3, serious drip nozzle, the cylinder does not work, long running can also lead to diesel oil to use more and more.

Conclusion: diesel engine fault, it is difficult to have a fixed failure examination and elimination method. But, in a sense, the diesel engine fault also has the certain regularity, as long as we pay attention to the accumulation of experience and field observation, any troubleshooting can be ruled out.

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